Emergency loans – For the unforeseen, unanticipated needs

If ‘emergency’ is the word that pairs with your financial life often, you need a timeless back up. Few situations are so unpredictable in their occurrence that they leave you stunned every time. Roof leaking just one day before a birthday party, sudden car service after a car crash, immediate flight out of city. Anything can make you yearn for money at the last minute. The emergency loans can be the one among your preferences of available alternatives.

These are the short-term loans that find their synonym in quick money loans, payday loans and urgent loans. By providing a small amount in a very short time, they fulfil your last-minute needs.

British Lenders offers emergency loans with the exact speed these loans are expected to have. Instant approval decision and immediate fund disbursement in 15 minutes. With a reliable repayment capacity you can qualify for funds.

‘No obligation’ but that does not mean high interest rate

No short-term loan has the obligation but that usually brings the consequence of high interest rate. However, this is not the case with us. Our focus is to facilitate flexible yet rational borrowing opportunities.

We are mostly 2% less than the market interest rate. That shows effect on the repayments too. You get to pay small instalments as the amount is already little and the tenure too is short. From £500 to £2500 is the loan amount limit. Loan term is maximum 3 months.

Customisation surrounds every deal on every aspect

One more thing that makes the loan deal less bulky is the customisation feature. This stays with all our loan deals irrespective of your financial status. From rate quote to repayment schedules, everything is just tailored to fit your repayment capacity. We want you to borrow funds during emergency, with no stress. To make the process smoother, we offer customised emergency loans in the UK.

We are not stringent on credit score status

When urgent circumstances happen irrespective of credit score status then why we put a barrier of idol credit rating? Excellent, good, fair, bad we serve to all. For sure, there is not much stress until you are in a fair condition in credit score performance. Strain arises when credit score is poor. But don’t worry, you can always come to us to get emergency loans for bad credit. In fact, if you have the concern to avoid credit score perusal, we can even arrange a no credit check loan procedures. This saves time during last minute needs and also prevent search footprint on your credit records.

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Why Choose Us

  • Loans From £500 to £100,000*
  • Loans for any purpose
  • No complicated forms
  • Loans for people with Bad Credit and CCJs,
  • Bad Credit loan decision to suit your circumstances today!
  • No Upfront / Application Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

Promising approval rate

If you need funds in the midnight for an extremely urgent need, it is not possible to approach many lenders. The first one should be the reliable enough to provide you funds with guarantee. We do exactly the same with our high approval rate. 8-9 out of 10 of the loan applicants get approved. Not less than that. Apply and get your funds in a short while.

Additional aspects to add value

To ensure you the availability of emergency cash we add few more things to make the loans act more supportive.

No upfront fee – This is the mirror of our fair practices. It is not legal to ask for upfront fee and we do not ask for that. All the charges are included in the deal only. No starting or closing amount separately apply. Just apply whenever you need a loan asap and we are there for you.

No prepayment penalty – No loans in the UK with online presence have prepayment penalty. Especially the choices like emergency loans. Whenever you want you can pay off without any additional charge or expense.

British Lenders is committed to provide you only the best and uncompromised service. You just give us a few details we need and we certainly reply you with an absolutely suitable solution.

Bad Credit Loans FAQs:

Q: How can I get approved for an emergency loan?

A: You just need to have a basic repayment capacity. As the loan amount is quite small, there is no compulsion to have a big figure in your salary. You do not need to go through a bulky application procedure. Age should be 18 years or more, you should have a bank account, address proof and a verified mobile number.

Q: I have bad credit rating, do I need to provide a guarantor?

A: No , you do not need that. Just show the current income status and get a smooth approval decision. Income is your actual weapon to qualify for any loan product. Emergency loans are short-term and they do not require any kind of obligation. Neither guarantor nor collateral.

Q: How fast I get funds through emergency loans?

A: You get funds usually in just 15 minutes after the complete procedure. The money gets transferred to your bank account. The prime purpose of the loans is to serve the urgent needs and lender takes not much time to process your loan application. The approval decision comes fast and fund disbursal happens faster.

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