British Lenders UK is the leading financial resource for the guaranteed loans with no credit check offers. We are truly concerned about the interest of the borrower. We offer you the most affordable very bad credit loans in whole of the UK. There are no early payoff penalties. We will help you to improve your credit. Your days of unemployment will be enjoyable, because there is going to be continuous credit flow. Our bad credit loans come with guaranteed approval. We clear your financial entrapment, and ensure that your prevailing monetary situation is improved and you live amazingly great and superb life.

Guaranteed Loans with No Guarantor Fee No Broker

British Lenders UK is offering the finest choices to its prospective borrowers. We are among the very few lenders offering guaranteed loans with no guarantor fee and no broker charged whatsoever. We have come up with amazing lending choices, and each of these choices match the financial requirements of the borrowers.

Whether you are out of the job, or showing the bad credit situation, or in need of the finances, you will always have the very bad credit loans with guaranteed approval from British Lenders UK. We are the real online resource for guaranteed loans with no guarantor. Our guaranteed loan with no credit check is also packed with finest set of deals and more number of options.

We take quick decision on your loan application. Our online loan application procedures are simple, easy and you can expect a quick decision from us. There is absolutely no need of elaborate documentations or calls and meetings. You will not have to face any tribulations or frustrations. Life is going to become smooth.

The approval for guaranteed loans with no credit check will make your life flowing, easy and all the more respectable. Know about your bad credit loan requirements. Talk with our loan adviser.

Guaranteed Loans Available for Unemployed People

We understand you can encounter unexpected expenses even if you are out of work. Our aim is to provide financial back up to as many borrowers as we can. Do not worry if you are unemployed, we will lend you money after assessing your reimbursement capacity.

Along with filling the online application form, you will submit your income source like government benefits, pension, part-time job or an income-generating asset. Our Guaranteed loans for unemployed people provide you with repayment flexibility based on your cash inflows.

Our unemployed loans are best because:

  • You can use them for any purpose.
  • We can deliver you funds at your doorstep if you do not have a bank account.
  • You will have flexible repayments.

Whether your credit history is good or bad, whether you are unemployed or not, British Lenders UK can assist you finance all your needs at lower rate of interests.

Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit People

Having a bad credit history is a big cause for rejection of loan applications. Traditional lenders cannot afford to take risk lending you money if your score is extremely poor. As a direct lender, British Lenders UK provides guaranteed loans for bad credit people.

However, these loans come with high interest rates to minimise the risk because the amount will be credited without any collateral and guarantor. When you apply for such loans, we will not run hard credit check, which means it will not affect your credit report. These loans are disbursed within a couple of minutes.

Get 100% guaranteed loans

Why Choose Us

  • Loans From £500 to £5,000*
  • Loans for any purpose
  • No complicated forms
  • Loans for people with Bad Credit and CCJs,
  • Bad Credit loan decision to suit your circumstances today!
  • No Upfront / Application Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

Guaranteed Loans FAQs

A: These are the personal loans with high approval possibility. The direct lenders dealing in guaranteed loans claim for having over 100% approval rate. The credibility is checked through different parameters but the lending agency always tries its best to help each borrower facing financial challenges.

A: Yes, there are numbers of private lending agencies in the UK that offer bad credit personal loan with guaranteed approval. Lower the credit score, more likely you will have higher interest rate.

A: Affordability of any debt depends upon the regular income. As the risk involved in bad credit no guarantor guaranteed loan is high, so these leading is done at higher interest rate. Getting the adequate amount for the emergency on the time with least formalities matters more; especially, when mainstream regular banks have closed the doors for bad credit borrowers.

A: No, all the direct online loan stores don’t necessary deal in guaranteed loan. Just a few leading direct lenders like British Lenders offer reasonably priced low priced guaranteed loan without asking for guarantor or to pledge some asset. Some new direct lending companies advertise for such lending near Christmas or New Year but the offers of small lending agencies with short-term business interest rate are not good in reality.

A: Too frequent applying for personal loan and taking the bad credit loan affects the credit report. If you apply for no guarantor guaranteed loan once or twice a year, it is not going harm your credit report. On the time payment is must.

A: Yes, guaranteed loans are available for any UK resident more than 18 years’ age but less than 79 years’ age. Employment status doesn’t matter much in case of no guarantor guaranteed loan; the direct lender is more concerned with your repaying capability to make the credited money safe.

A: The poor credibility means you lose the ground for negotiation. Still, the stiff competition in the UK’s lending marketplace allows you to invite the multiple proposals and compare them to negotiate at the best because every lender is interested to make the deal.

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