Bad credit loans with no guarantor – What are the possibilities?

No guarantor loans are the type of short-term loans, which a borrower can get without any backing of a guarantor. These loans are perfect to serve two conditions. One is when people want to borrow funds but cannot arrange a backing for loan application. Second is when people want to take the loan but do not wish to provide a guarantor. In both the cases, the ultimate solution is one and that is loan without guarantor obligation.

What if I want to borrow with bad credit?

Major problem occurs when you want to borrow funds but do not have good credit rating. In such condition, your anticipations naturally get inclined to rejections. However, you need to see the other side of the coin. The new age lending, that has successfully made a place in financial lives, has a practicable solution of such problems.

Being a private lender, British Lenders endeavours to provide you funds beyond credit score status. We offer bad credit loans with no guarantor in the UK, as a remedy to stressful financial circumstances. The customisation of loan deals, remain prevalent in all the loan deals to facilitate inexpensive borrowing.

We give you the confidence to come out from all the fears of rejection. No guarantor loans are available on cheaper rates and flexible repayment plans.

We strongly follow the following facts -

  • Credit rating is not the only factor to prove the affordability
  • The current income status is the prime and more dominating factor. In fact, even if an unemployed can somehow prove the repay capacity, we are happy to approve the loan request.
  • Future income possibilities are important. If you are looking forward to a good increment and also have received in the past, it plays the role of a game changer. We just need a proof for that.
  • In fact, if your poor credit situation is inconsistent, we even provide your better relaxation on the interest rates.
Bad Credit No Guarantor Loans

Why Choose Us

  • Guaranteed - Instant Approval
  • No application hassle
  • Improve Credit Score
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

To facilitate lending free from search footprint, we offer no credit check process. In place of credit score perusal, we take your employment stability proof in previous years, current income proof and address.

Our strategies are logical and as long as you have a repayment capacity, your approval is an expected thing to happen. No fee is required to get funds. Fair lending practice is our identity and none of our loans has any charge or fee that is undefined.

We offer very bad credit loans without guarantor

We know how stressful very bad credit situation is, especially when it pairs with County Court Judgement i.e. CCJ. All your control on financial life looses and future becomes the victim of destruction. Before it gets too late, our concern is to help you calm down the intense stress caused due to this situation. That help comes in the form of very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker needed with 100% guaranteed approval. We are a direct lender and to have any kind of interaction with us, you do not need any kind of mediation.

The other and prime benefit of these loans is you get the chance to improve credit rating. The deal is customised, the instalments are not hefty, by making timely repayments, you can bring a boost in credit rating. Our focus is to ease the stress of very poor credit situation with CCJ that shows in your financial records for 6 long years.

The conditions you need to qualify for loan are

Our terms and conditions are not complicated but only logical and exist to provide you the best possible. To borrow money without guarantor and without much struggle, following are the simple situations that you need to have.

Loan tenure and amount

Whatever you show us as your financial efficiency to afford a loan, we tailor these two aspects accordingly. However,

Tenure is 3 months - 36 months

Loan amount is £1000 - £10000

You can always qualify for your desired tenure and amount by showing a good potential on the financial part. We too keep a flexible approach to provide you a loan offer parallel to your requirements.

Application procedure - Opposite to the time-consuming ones

Yes, exactly. We know how urgent the needs of money are when situations happen especially unexpectedly. The bitter truth is, absence of financial stability does not stop the occurrence of expenses. Days and nights get anxious waiting for a financial support. To provide a faster escape, we have a small journey of application process that has the money on its other end. Have a look -

Step 1

Apply through one page application form: Visit our site, fill the financial and a few personal details and submit the form.

Step 2

Time to get the result: Get the approval decision. We have instant decision policy.

Step 3

Get money: Once approved, funds get transferred to your back account. By the way, we have a high approval rate.

‘Simple’ is the only word we have to define our application procedure. Your convenience is our priority and that reflects in everything we do.

British Lenders strives to deliver financial well-being to the borrowers. With a bigger picture in mind, it aims to cover a wide range of money matters and concerns of people. Come to us with your problems and we promise that none of your issues will remain unattended.

No Guarantor Loans FAQs:

Q: how to get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor

A: Direct lending is the best choice to get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor. There are many online loan companies for instance British Lenders that provide funds despite poor credit without any obligation. Search on internet, shortlist choices and then make your final choice. It takes less time to do the research and the lesser time to get funds, thanks to the application procedure. You just apply, get approval decision and finally the fund disbursement happens.

Q: How can I borrow money without a guarantor?

A: By showing your repayment capacity, you can borrow money without any guarantor. More income means better chances of approval. Mention your income details in the application form and after a short smart procedure, funds reach to your back account. Your IN-OUT balance is also important to consider. It is expected that your monthly expenses do not dominate your earnings. After all, you should have an ample space in your monthly budget to adjust a new instalment.

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