British Lenders UK is the reliable financial lending resource offering wide range of lending options on the internet for the UK based borrowers. We have the expertise in handling loans for unemployed. Our innovative loan disbursal actions will help you to make your crushing days of unemployment happy, and enriching. We have several smart and bespoke plans for quick loans for the unemployed. At British Lenders UK, we have the adeptness in secured and unsecured loans for the unemployed. The loan amount offered under the unemployed loans can be used by the individual to even start a small business venture.

Quick Approval Awaits for Emergency Cash Loan for Unemployed People

The loans for unemployed from British Lenders UK have brought hope in lives of the unemployed people. The quick loans are approved fast in an emergency and there are plenty of other benefits to look around. The benefits of availing short term loan for unemployed people from British Lenders UK are:

  • We will not check your credit history
  • We do not check your employment proof
  • We do not require any collateral
  • Loan availability is for long term and short term
  • Instant approval
  • Flexible tenure and great offers

Deals on Loans for unemployed with Bad Credit

If the unemployment is making your life killing, and you want to bring quick financial improvement, loans for unemployed with bad credit score are there to make the things happen. At British Lenders UK, we are offering you the best ever deals on unemployed loans. The deals come as instant and short term loans for the unemployed as well as general unemployed loans. Discuss with our qualified loan advisers. They are not just the good advisers, but turn out to be your most loving and personal financial mentors.

Night or day, you have the new deals on loans for the unemployed. Don't think, because you are unemployed and have a bad credit, and we have the ready-made solution available. Apply now

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  • Loans From £500 to £20,000*
  • Loans for any purpose
  • No complicated forms
  • Loans for people with Bad Credit and CCJs,
  • Bad Credit loan decision to suit your circumstances today!
  • No Upfront / Application Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

A Wide Range of Unemployed Loans:

Multiple loan options are available for the unemployed people in the UK. They can take their advantages to stabilise their personal finance.

1. Personal Loans: Jobless people can also get personal loan. Yes, it is possible at British Lenders. We understand that financial crunch because of unemployment doesn’t restrict the need of money in emergency finance. This loan format is designed to help you manage the finance needs for diverse purposes like education, medical vacation, relocation etc. The current financial status, income and dues are the major eligibility parameters.

2. Guaranteed Loans: To get this loan, you need a guarantor to secure your debt. The guarantor is also responsible for the repayment if you default on payment or declare yourself bankrupt. This loan is made available even for 7 years repayment period. The guarantor must be at least 18 years old homeowner without bound to any ‘Individual Voluntary Arrangement’. Bankrupt guarantor is not accepted. It is a good option to pick if you have poor credit score.

3. Unsecured Loan: This loan requires no collateral and no guarantor. If you are an unemployed and resident in the UK, you can take this loan if you don't have any job and no source of income.The unsecured loan costs high because the lender is at high risk end. Although your asset is safe in case of repayment failure; still, you should pay it in complete at any cost to avoid future consequences through credit score report. The loan amount approval depends upon your repaying capability.

4. Bad Credit Loan: Having bad credit score during unemployment period is very common but it closes doors of many traditional leading sources. It is a great way to tackle financial needs when you have no alternative to get instant funds instantly. The APR of this loan type is normally high because of high risk involved; it depends upon several factors like credit score, reported defaults, current income etc. To qualify for this loan, you must be at least 21 years old having some assets to secure the loan.

5. Student Loan: Increasing qualification or improving professional competencies during the unemployment period is the best way to reduce the job waiting period. Student loan for unemployed is designed to help the jobless people who want to brighten the job prospects by joining a short-term training or course. The loan amount depends upon the type of course or training you want to enroll for. It is a short-term unemployed loan with flexible repayment period.

6. Unemployed Loan for Retired People: This loan format is designed for the old age people without regular job. It is an instant financial help; debt can be secured or unsecured both. The secured loan for retired unemployed comes at lower interest rate in comparison to unsecured loan. The repayment period of secured loan may be up to 10 years. This secured loan is available even for the jobless old age British people with bankruptcy, arrear, CCJ, or default. As an eligible borrower, you need to be permanent UK citizen of 60 years or more having functional bank account.

How You Can Benefit From Loans For Unemployed:

Why do people take unemployed loans? The numbers of benefits justify the decision to take unemployed loan. We provide a wide range of personal loans for jobless people even to those getting job seeker allowance (JSA) and other benefits. Our tailor made loan products help you tackle multiple problems like:

Unemployed loans – Pros and Cons

It is always important to pay heed to both the sides of a coin. Unemployed loans have two sides. One is of pros and one is of cons. For a rational and informed financial decision, you need to know both.

Pros unemployed loans Cons unemployed loans
Borrow despite bad credit score. If your repayment capacity is functional, it is possible. Rejection may happen if bad credit situation is consistent.
Fixed-rate of interest facilitates smaller instalments. This loan makes the repayment easier, and you can prevent threats like default. You have to pay a higher interest rate as compared to the employed applicants. There is a widespread reluctance to consider relaxation in interest rates for unemployed applicants.
No constraint on the purpose of the unemployed loan, mention one reason and borrow funds smoothly. The credit score can get damaged if you fail to pay the instalments on time.
The loan amount is small and needs no backing of collateral and no guarantor. Extra burden adds on your already limited financial capacity

Loans for Unemployed FAQs

Q: Can you borrow money from private lender without a job?

A: Yes! You can get a loan even though you are unemployed. Many lenders don’t prefer to provide loans to borrowers who are not working or have lost their job recently. There are many private lenders like British Lenders who provide loans for unemployed. Like traditional lenders, private lenders are not bothered about your status of income and provide you a loan regardless of your employment or unemployment. So, release all your worries and get yourself on the track through unemployed loans.

Q: How can I get a personal loan if unemployed?

A: Unemployment can put you in a very difficult situation. It’s the time when you have to borrow money because of no source of income. But the lack of income will make it difficult for you to get a loan. Income is a very important part of getting a loan.
So, if you are looking for a personal loan while unemployed, you should have some alternate way of income to get it done. Alternate source of income may include unemployment benefits provided by the government, any income from freelancing, income from investment, etc. If you have any of these then you can easily get the personal loan. There are many online lenders who give unemployed loans.

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