Quick Loan Solutions For Your Money Troubles

When money plays knock- knock jokes with you, you do not really find time to go hunting for an answer. For times exactly like those, we have baked and packed quick loans for you, ready to be served at your command.

We, at British Lenders, understand that you can get behind budget sometimes with no fault of yours. Your employer may not pay on time, or a medical bill would come up, or you may have a greater credit card bill than you thought. There can be a zillion reasons why you need a loan fast, and just one answer to all of them: quick online loans.

When we talk about quick loans, same day approvals act as a synonym. On getting an approval, money is credited in your bank account at an amazingly fast speed. For all your cash emergencies, we are here to help you with instant cash access, right into your bank account.

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Why Choose Us

  • Get Cash in 15 minutes
  • Loans for any purpose
  • All process through online
  • Fast Online Loan Approval
  • No Upfront / Application Fee
  • Repay in Single Instalment

When Are You Eligible for Quick Loans?

You can apply for a quick loan online when you are in need of fast cash if you satisfy certain minimum eligibility conditions.

  • You must be a UK Citizen.
  • You must be 18 years or older in age.
  • You must have a working bank account.
  • You must have an income source.
check eligibility before apply for quick loans

How Much Amount Can You Borrow?

We offer quick loans for amount ranging from £100 to £1500, to all our new customers. As a loyalty benefit, our old customers may get a limit of up to £2000.

The approval of the loan amount is subject to your affordability and credit score. If your application provides sufficient reliability, we approve your request for instant cash with open arms and mind.

We advise all our customers to make use of the loan calculator, to know the payments and all the numbers related to their loan beforehand. This will enable you to realise how much you can afford to borrow, and which repayment method is the most convenient and optimal for you.

Are Quick Loans Safe for Me?

There has been a hype in the market citing high interest rates and the involved debt circle with taking online loans. What is missed in the discussion is that a reliable lender like us only focuses in helping our customers in their time of need.

We offer competitive interest rates in comparison to other direct lenders, and are dedicated towards serving the needs of our customers. We follow a user-friendly policy, and are always here to guide our customers through every query they have.

The information that you provide us is completely secured and not leaked to any third parties. All our services are safe and secure, you can click on the apply button without any hesitation.

How Can You Apply for Quick Cash Loans?

On reading so much about these loans, you would have the most obvious question in mind: "How do I get a quick loan?" The whole procedure is quite smooth and simple.

And you are done. NO hassles, NO long procedures and NO tedious documentation.

You can just sit back on your couch and apply for this loan. You can be in a cab, on a lunch break or on a holiday. All you need is an internet connection and a device to access our website from. Can it get easier than this?

What Can You Use Quick Online Loans For?

Given the ease with which they are available, these loans can be used for any purpose you can think of. Any financial emergency or shortage of money can be dealt with them. Some of the very common reasons quoted by borrowers are given here:

  • Monthly household expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Car Repair
  • Paying Rent
  • Buying a Present
  • Clearing Previous Debt
  • Funding Vacation
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Paying Taxes
  • Tuition Fees
  • Building Credit Score
  • Home Improvement
uses of quick loans

Do Borrowers Undergo Credit Check for Quick Loans?

Establishing reliability is a two-way street. Your credit score determines your loan amount and rate of interest. It tells us how reliable and responsible you are with your borrowings.

We offer fast loans for bad credit holders in UK, and the good ones both. While a good credit score is favourable, we provide ample opportunities to applicants with a poor credit as well. We have personalised instant loans specially designed for borrowers with a bad credit.

Though we do offer quick loans with no credit check option, it simply implies that we perform a soft credit check which is not reflected in your credit history. The gap of your credit score is filled by your income while deciding your loan disbursal limit.

While borrowing from us, you do not have to worry about your credit score. We have already taken that stress on your behalf.

Can I Get Quick Loans with No Guarantor?

We realise that your emergencies and troubles are yours alone. People are resistant in taking responsibility for the failures of other people. This is why we offer quick loans with no guarantor, where you do not have to provide a guarantor in support of your application.We process your loan based on only your personal information and finances.

What are the Benefits of Taking Quick Online Loans?
Swift procedure These short-term loans come acquainted with effortless application forms and comfortable process option. You sit back after spending 5-10 minutes in submitting the form. We do the rest of the work for you.
Loans for all credit scores Credit score, though essential but is not mandatory for getting an approval. Loans for bad credit applicants are also available in wide variety of repayment options.
Instant Approval You do not have to wait for days to know the decision. On completion of the form, it takes us much less than 24 hours to decide on your loan. As soon as the decision comes in, your loan amount is transferred to your account within seconds.
Low Interest Rates We charge highly competitive interest rates, and you do not have to pay an extravagant amount with your loan. We understand your financial stand, and do not believe in burdening you with high rates.
No Upfront Charges We earn reliability by being straight and fair to our borrowers. There are no hidden or upfront charges in our repayment schedule. We believe in gaining the trust of our customers, so that they can rely on us the next time they are in need.
advantages of taking quick loans

We have done all the work for you, because we understand emergencies and time. We, at British-Lenders, work to make your life easier and stress-free. Do not think twice if you need a quick loan. Stop second guessing and click apply!

Quick Loans FAQs

Q: How can I get an instant loan with bad credit?

A: You can easily get the instant loan despite having a low credit history but for that, you should not approach mainstream lenders like banks and other related lending institutions. In place of that, you need to approach the direct lenders in the UK like British Lenders, who can provide the loans on lenient terms and conditions, including competitive APRs and flexible repayment options. It follows the no credit check process that makes easier for the borrowers to apply for these loans and get the desired financial benefits. British Lenders is among the most reliable online lender and known for its borrower-friendly approach.

Q: Can I get an emergency loan with bad credit?

A: A bad credit score is always a constraint in your way of acquiring necessary funds. But nowadays the market perception towards these individuals have changed a lot and availing funds on an urgent basis even with having a bad credit score is always a possibility. But from where you can get these loans? Well after analysis it seems that private lenders in UK are more prone towards such exemption and they are ready to offer emergency loan for people with bad credit score. British Lenders is one such name that comes suddenly in our mind when it comes to trustworthy funding.

Q: What loans can I get without a guarantor?

A: Financial problems are plenty to face but solutions should always be there. Whether you are a student or an unemployed, you must have the solutions in your hand to counter any sort of financial problem. Fortunately, loans are there to help you and the direct lenders like British Lenders has further make comfortable for the borrowers to get the loans without a guarantor. It gives multiple of options when such as unemployed loan, short term loans, 12 month loans and quick loans with no guarantor needed. All these loans are for the smaller amount and at the most time, do not require collateral too.

Q: Can I get a Quick loan without a credit check?

A: Yes, you can easily apply for quick loan without any credit perusal. These are the very small loans and lender does not feel any risk in providing loans with no credit check process. Instead, it looks for the recent income status to approve the loan application and if it is good, the loan provider does not have any issue in providing the loan approval. British Lenders, in particular, is one such name that has been continuously providing quick loans on those terms, which are very convenient to the borrowers. These loans are available for both the people with bad credit scores and those who are the first time borrowers.

Q: Where can I go to borrow money fast?

A: Such questions are always in the mind of many borrowers, who are particularly applying for the loans for the first time. They often get confused whether to apply go for the banks or the direct lenders would be a nice option. By looking at the current scenario, lodging loan request at the direct lenders would be a wise decision because they can modify their loan terms according to the individual circumstances. For example, British Lenders often does that and a number of people have already been benefited from its customer-oriented approach. Each of its loan deals is worth to apply for the borrower with any financial status.

Q: How can I get an instant loan online?

A: You will be surprised to read that it is quite easy to follow the procedure of applying for the instant loan. British Lenders, one of the most prominent names into the direct lending market in UK, is offering the instant loan online in a complete paperless format that means borrowers have every comfort of getting funds on an immediate basis. Their credit score won’t be checked and guarantor is also not required but you make sure that you are employed while making the application. It will be the only criterion where your guaranteed loan approval is assured.

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