What are Short Term Loans?

Ups and downs are a part of life. Today and tomorrow cannot be alike. Not every moment of life can be pleasant. Similarly, the financial condition cannot be consistent throughout life. At one moment, you feel better off and the other, you find yourself strapped. Financial emergencies are unavoidable and dealing with them is not easy even though you have stashed a lot of money. You dip into your savings when an unexpected expenditure pops up. What if you are running out of money?

You will, of course, turn to direct lenders for financial assistance. A short term loan is availed for a small amount of funds that you take out to finance your unexpected expenses.

  • How Much Can You Borrow?
    With British Lenders, you can take out between £500 and £5000. We will look over your income statement to determine how much you can afford to borrow. The disbursal limit is determined based on your repayment capacity. We make sure that you do not fall in a debt web and hence make all possible efforts to lend you what you can afford.
  • Is the Short Term Loan a Right option for you?
    Small term loans are an ideal option if you need funds as quickly as possible. You can apply for them whenever you encounter an emergency. Make sure that you will repay the debt on time.
    When you apply, you must consider the following factors:
    • Why do you need this loan?
      Think of the reason why you want to apply for the loan. Are you unable to pay off your credit card bills or other debts? Or are you failing to keep up with regular expenses? Note that small loans cannot solve a long term debt problem.
    • Can you afford to make the required repayment each month?
      Since you have to repay the debt in a lump sum, it can be a burden on your pocket. Make sure that you will not fall behind repayments.
    • Are you getting dependent on these loans?
      These loans must be a temporary fix when your financial situation is not secure. It cannot be a regular source of additional income.

As a reliable lender, we encourage you to peruse all terms and conditions of the contract so that you have a clear idea about late payment fees, prepayment clause and interest rates. You are free to clear all of your doubts at the time of sealing the deal. If you think that the loan offer suits your budget, it is the right option for you.

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  • No Affect on Credit Score
  • Safe Loan Procedure
  • No hassle no broker
  • Loans for people with Bad Credit and CCJs,
  • Bad Credit loan decision to suit your circumstances today!
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted
  • No Credit Perusal
  • Quick Decision Making

How to Apply for Short Term Loans

Before you apply, compare loan offers so that you get the best deal. British Lenders provides these loans at competitive interest rates. Applying for these loans had never been easier unless online lenders stepped in the loan market.

Application Procedure Eligibility Criteria:
Our LOAN APPLICATION PROCEDURE is entirely online and consists of these quick steps: Our loans are suitable for both full-time employees and self-employed who have a steady source of income and looking to get funds to deal with unexpected expenditure. In addition to the regular source of income:
  • Fill out the application form and submit it.
  • Wait unless the application form is shortlisted.
  • We will give you the confirmation after considering your credit score and income statement.
  • You will get the loan on an instant within a couple of minutes when you give your consent.
  • You must be a resident of the UK.
  • You must be over 18-years-old.
  • You must have a functional bank account.
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You do not need to appear in person. The entire procedure from filling out the application form to signing the agreement is done online. We do not charge application or upfront fees.

Why Should You Apply for A Short Term Loan?

Here are the common reasons you can apply for these loans:

  • Paying off your credit card bills
  • Clearing other debts
  • Building credit score
  • Laptop/machine repair
  • Buying equipment
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Can I Apply for a Short Term Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes, you can take out these short term loans for bad credit from direct lenders. In addition to credit score, there are other factors that we take into account to decide whether to approve your application or not. In general, most private moneylenders in the UK offer short-term loans up to £5,000 to borrowers. Such small, poor credit loans come with no credit check, which means neither hard inquiries nor soft inquiries will be made. We will assess your income statement to find out your repayment ability.

Make sure that you feed correct information about your finances when you put in the application. You will fail to manage your finances if you fail to declare your current monetary obligations. Your credit score will also go down. You are advised to borrow money only when you need it urgently.

I don't have a guarantor, Am I Eligible for Short Term Loan?

Yes, we provide short-term loans to people who do not have a guarantor. You need neither guarantor nor collateral to become eligible for the best short-term loans for people with bad credit in UK. Fill out the online application form, and we will serve you the personalised loan offer. We will lend money based on your affordability.

What Advantages British Lenders Bring with Short Term Loans?

British Lenders strives hard to provide well-customised loan offer to stand out among competitors. If you take out the loan with British Lenders, you will get the following benefits:

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  • Money transfer within an hour
  • Borrowing without a guarantor
  • Come into unsecured loan category
  • You can build up your credit rating
  • The application process is simple, fast and hassle
  • Round the clock services

British Lenders is here to provide financial assistance. Apply for the short term loan today!

Short Term Loans FAQs

Q: How do short term loans work?

A: People require loans for their short term and long term financial needs. Thus, they look for either short-term loans or for long-term loans to fulfil their financial aspirations. As far as short term loans are concerned, they do not need any lengthy procedure to go through. Instead, it requires only these simple steps:

  • Click on Apply now button
  • Fill an online form with mandatory details
  • Submit it and wait for approval

The direct lender will take a quick look at your circumstances and then approve the application within a few minutes. Fund transfer is done on the same day.

Q: Can I get a small loan with bad credit?

A: No doubt, availing a small loan is possible without any good credit scores. Such a requirement comes when someone applies for the long term funding, but for a small amount, British Lenders generally follows the no credit check process that paves the way for smooth loan approval. Other factors, like guarantor or collateral, also do not matter. However, we want to know the income status of the particular borrower. If your income is enough, then funds will be transferred to your bank account without any hassle.

Q: How can I get a short term loan with no credit check?

A: The process of short term loans with no credit check is gaining significance rapidly because, in the UK, the numbers are enormous of those individuals with bad credit scores. The short term loan is often provided on the flexible lending norms in which no credit check is the most significant exemption that one can get. At British Lenders, such an option does not put any search footprint on your credit profile, and it ensures that you get maximum benefits after applying for loans without a credit check. Chances of improving the credit scores are always there, and that will be good for your financial future.

Q: Are there any loans for the unemployed?

A: Yes, lenders do provide loans for unemployed and in various formats too. For example, short term loans are entirely within reach of unemployed people. Similarly, doorstep loans are among the specialised funding options for the jobless individuals where the lender sends its agent to the borrowers’ home to process everything. Borrowers have to concentrate on their interviews without worrying about their finances. British Lenders, being an online direct lender in the UK, also include its bad credit loans among the products specified for the unemployed people but for that they need to have a guarantor to attract something low to the interest rates.

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