Short-term loans for bad credit – Everything you need to have during a money crisis

Small needs of funds keep arising frequently and in the absence of any source of help, loans may become a support. Short-term loans are the first choice, people usually consider from direct lenders in the UK. The possibilities on these loans have become brighter due to the new age online lending. It works beyond the constraints of credit score status. This means, the applicants with bad credit can also apply and get approved. Being a new age direct lender, British Lenders is not different in following this futuristic approach. We provide short-term loans for bad credit people. The precise aim behind this is to provide parallel financial opportunities to all irrespective of credit score status.

How You Can Start With Us? The Preconditions

Through simple conditions, you can prepare yourself to apply for our loans. The procedure is small and has only a few steps, the preconditions are:

Tenure 3 months to 36 months Loan amount £1000 to £10000 No prepayment penalty
  • Good repayment capacity: To help you with a good loan offer, we need to know your repay capacity. The amount and tenure you get is according to your affordability efficiency.
  • Income-Outgoing ratio: Salary is not the only factor for us to know your financial efficiency. A right balance of your income and expenses is also necessary to find possibility for the new instalment.
  • Latest bank statement: Your bank details tell us about your overall financial behaviour. When we know you well, we bring you the best.
  • Additional income (if any): This is optional however; it can always help to qualify for a bigger amount.
Where can I borrow short term loans with bad credit?

Why Choose Us

  • Guaranteed - Instant Approval
  • No application hassle
  • Improve Credit Score
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

Time to apply for short-term loan with bad credit

Through a simple procedure that encapsulates 3 stages, you can apply for the loan. All our formalities are online to save your precious time. Shall we proceed?

NOTE: Whether you have a good credit or poor credit, the procedure remains same. In fact, as the bad credit scorers hesitate from credit score perusal procedures, we facilitate short term loans with no credit check.

Nothing with us can make you feel different or inferior whatever is your financial background. Being among the established direct lender, we follow logical strategies that never let us do anything unfair.

Total Cost of Deal Remains Low Due To Customisation

For every borrower, the total cost of a short term loan is an important factor. We treat that concern well with low APR. From rate quote to repayments, everything fits to your pockets. Personalised pricing/customisation is the factor behind this. Individualistic approach keeps us close to your concerns and we find it easy to serve you. We are even ready to act flexible on the popular APR of 49%, which is quite common to find in the industry. This is how we fulfil your expectation of a cheap short term loans for bad credit deal on low interest rate.

Repayments happen through auto-debit, as we do not want you to take any pain on that part. Repayment plans are many, you can choose according to choice. On the decided date of every month, the instalment amount deducts from your bank account. No need to visit physically or make any cheque payments.

British Lenders aims to provide uncompromised services to its borrowers. For that, we stay in your service 24x7, 365 days irrespective of bank holidays. We have a practice to transform your trust into lucrative deals. Give us the previous one and we are sure to respond with the latter one.

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