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  • Loans From £500 to £100,000*
  • Loans for any purpose
  • No complicated forms
  • Loans for people with Bad Credit and CCJs,
  • Bad Credit loan decision to suit your circumstances today!
  • No Upfront / Application Fee
  • Poor Credit customers - Accepted

British Lenders UK is the leading online credit lending company in the UK, offering special deals on the unsecured loans for bad credit borrowers. We have the strong presence across the UK, helping the bad credit borrowers by providing easy financing routes. We have emerged as the reliable lending resource for unsecured loans, which granted irrespective of the borrower's credit history or need for the collateral. We are the best online resource for unsecured loans for the bad credit borrowers. These loans are approved instantly without any credit checks. We maintain high service level agreements all through, and this has helped us to serve the interests of prospective borrowers.

Apply Unsecured Loans Now to Borrow Up to £50000

No matter how much money you have set aside to cushion the blow, you may feel the need of taking out a loan. Borrowing funds at affordable interest seems to be impossible because of a bad credit report, and if a traditional lender agrees to disburse funds regardless of your credit history, you will have to put a security against the loan.

What if your credit history is poor and no valuable collateral is there? Apply for our unsecured personal loans. These loans require neither guarantor nor collateral. You are allowed to borrow what you can afford.

Merits of the Unsecured Business Loans From British Lenders UK

The prospective buyers have the reason to come to us, and we have the right to offer them practical lending options. The benefits of borrowing loan from us are:

  • No requirement for an impressive credit history
  • Quick approval of the loan
  • No Guarantor Accepted
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No documentation and paperwork
  • Unsecured loan, and therefore no collateral needed
  • No risk lending experience
  • Low APRs
  • Flexible tenure periods

Why Should You Choose Unsecured Personal Loans?

Well, applying for the loans cannot be done without a specific purpose. You want a loan from us because you must have some reasons behind it. Whatever your purpose is, we are already ready to offer you unsecured personal loans with bad credit on instant decision. However, these are the probable reasons to apply for such easy loans:

  • Pay off credit card bills:
    If your credit card bill is adding up, take out our unsecured loans. You can pay off outstanding amount on the due date.
  • Seek Funding for home remodelling:
    Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or refurbish your entire house, our personal loans can help. The disbursal limit varies from £500 to £25000.
  • Wedding cost:
    If your budget is not flexible to meet all your wedding expenses, take out our personal loans and finance your most special day of your life.
  • Buy a car:
    Our unsecured loans can help you finance your dream car if your savings have fallen short. You will get funds at once even if your credit history is not decent.
  • Vacation:
    British Lenders UK can spark up your vacation by offering unsecured loans at competitive interest rates.

Quick Approvals on Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers

Do not worry if your credit score is not up to par and you need funds. We understand everyone needs money and it is not possible to maintain savings. If your credit history is poor for any reasons, we will back up your finances with unsecured personal loans with bad credit and no guarantor. However, compared with borrowers holding good credit report, you will pay a bit interest on these loans.

Regardless of your credit history, British Lenders UK follows the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 18-years-old or over.
  • You must have a bank account.
  • You must be the resident of the UK.

Can You Take Out Unsecured Loan If You Are Unemployed?

While job insecurity is high, it becomes important that you have redundancy money to meet your needs. Many traditional lenders follow the strict policy and deny lending money to the unemployed. Losing the job means frustration and stress, and it mounts up when your loan application gets rejection.

Well, shake off your worries because British Lenders UK offers unsecured loans for unemployed people. To be eligible for these loans, you will fill an online application form and submit a proof of income, which may be your part-time job, income-generating asset and government benefits. We will ponder over your income statement to analyse your reimbursement capacity and then lend you money.

If your credit score is fair, you can easily apply for these loans at lower interest rates. If your credit report is not satisfactory, you will be obliged to pay interest rates. These loans come with flexible repayment facility, which means you can choose the due date as per your own convenience. You can apply for these loans even if you are a tenant.

British Lenders UK assures you that we will provide unsecured personal loans at most competitive interest rates. Do not over think, apply now and have funds transferred to your account instantly.